I believe that a large part of abstract painting is problem solving. 30 years as an advertising art/creative director defines my process – a journey through a number of possible ideas, until one finally reveals its potential. I start each painting with large, loose areas of flat colour, slowly defining the shapes and values by building textured layers, each with more detail than the previous. This is a reflection of my experience creating thousands of advertising layouts over the years where additions or changes in colour, value or texture in any part of the work has an impact on the final piece, and solving one design problem often creates others.

While my work is generally non-objective, I am influenced by the places I’ve lived and worked – South Africa, Saudi Arabia and England – attempting to capture the colours, textures, architecture and social complexities of these places.

I work in acrylics on a variety of grounds, my preference being cold-pressed watercolour paper, which is slightly absorbent, but allows the paint to be moved over the surface with relative ease.